Pretty 'Fly' Spray 250ml (Flea and Tick Spray) 

Pretty 'Fly' Spray 250ml (Flea and Tick Spray) £ 8.49 In stock




Pretty 'Fly' Spray - is a safe and highly effective flea and tick spray which repels ticks and fleas and prevents them from attaching to your pet. Spraying directly onto an attached tick will both kill it and cause it to drop off.

Application: If fleas have been found on your dog apply Pretty Fly Spray every two days and comb through with a fine flea comb until no more are found. You can then revert to using the product once a week as a preventative as the fine sprayer is very economical in use and a 250ml bottle should last a dog approximately two months. If fleas have been found on your dog then launder all bedding at 60 degrees to prevent re-occurence.

Contains:  ICARIDIN (20%), liquid paraffin, vegetable waxes, xanthan gum and softened water.  Gentle formula with no harsh or harmful chemicals, which will also condition your pet's coat and not dry the skin.
Icaridin is environmentally friendly and, at this 20% concentration, is safe to use around other pets and young children

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