Here's what our customers say..........................

Excel Repel Dog-eze Lotion Spray - "This spray has been great my dogs skin has made a great improvement"

Excel Repel Dog-eze Cream - "Fantastic, seems to be working and hair growing back"

Fish-eze Insect Repellent - Great product, works super! 

Excel Repel Dog-eze Medicated Dog Shampoo - "Great item I would recommend...excellent!!!"

Insect Repellent - "Thank you greatly. I will not go on holiday without this product now!"

Dog-Eze Cream EXCEL - Antiseptic Cream - "Wow found something that stops my dog from itching and healed his sore skin"

Excel Repel Dog-eze Lotion Spray - "Lotion already made improvement in 2 days!"

Dog-Eze Cream EXCEL - Antiseptic Cream - "amazing stuff, sorted my dog's problem within days" 

Cat-eze Flea Spray - "small dose used on our cat cleared her mite problem within 2-3 applications"

Insect Repellent - "Perhaps my wife can actually sleep now. Thank you"

Fish-eze Insect Repellent - "No midge bites what so ever, I shall not be going near the lakes without it!"

Excel Repel Dog-eze Cream - "Very good cream my dog does not scratch anymore very good healing cream"

Insect Repellent - "Took this on a trip on the Caledonian canal - Everyone else got bitten apart from me. Thank you so much."