Neem-eze Fly Repellent

Neem-eze Fly Repellent is the strongest repellent in the Excel Repel range. It is highly effective against all flies, biting insects (including horseflies and ticks). It is also a very natural and safe repellent which is safe to use around other animals and as well as repelling ticks, midges, flies and horseflies it will also promote healthy skin in horses. Neem-eze Fly Repellent will remain effective for 6-12 hours depending on conditions and application. It is very economical to use as a 500ml bottle should last 2-3 weeks in high summer with normal usage.

Ingredients:  Contains 20% Icaridin, an essential oil in black pepper and 1% Neem Oil, itself a gentle and effective natural repellent

Application:  Spray exposed areas once or twice a day depending on season and weather conditions. For application to the face, spray onto a soft cloth or hand before applying. For best results against midges and other biting insects apply liberally between March and November. We always recommend a pre-test on a small area before application.

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