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Excel Repel have a range of products for horse which are effective whilst affordable.

Mud-eze barrier cream for fighting against mud fever is a fantastic product which is hugely popular during the winter months.

Horse-Eze Cream is a highly effective cream for guarding against rubbing and scratching in horses and ponies. Stops midges biting and supports calm, healthy, itch-free skin and can also be used as a preventative in early spring. Horse-Eze Cream calms reaction to bites so that your horse does not feel the need to scratch or rub itself, allowing any damage caused by rubbing to ease and improve. If used prior to the midge season, in very early spring, the product will guard against the onset of rubbing and scratching.

Horse-Eze Lotion is a proven highly effective lotion for midge and fly repellent for horses and ponies. Calms midge bites stopping your horse from rubbing and scratching. Especially effective for horse which suffer from sweet itch and a really good fly repellent.

Neem-eze Fly Repellent is the strongest repellent in the Excel Repel range. It is highly effective against all flies, biting insects (including horseflies and ticks). It is also a very natural and safe repellent which is safe to use around other animals and as well as repelling ticks, midges, flies and horseflies it will also promote healthy skin in horses. Neem-eze Fly Repellent will remain effective for 6-12 hours depending on conditions and application. It is very economical to use as a 500ml bottle should last 2-3 weeks in high summer with normal usage.